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We are world-renowned wildlife conservationists and filmmakers, recognised by a unique ability to turn key science into spellbinding stories, that change the way humans look at nature and portray the marine world and its characters as they really are.







The Mantis shrimp or Stomatopod is an industrious builder that roams the reef in search of materials to build elaborate burrows.

It is also a formidable hunter, with lightning-fast claws that smash or spear prey.

Signature eyes give them the best vision in the marine world. Mounted on independent sockets on top of the head, each eye can rotate individually to track prey or predators ahead and behind. The mantis also sees the world with trinocular and polarized vision, and processes light in up to 16 different color channels, including ultra violet range.

We humans can only see 3!....


"Liquid Motion's numerous award-winning short films, factual media and engaging images are available to all across multi-media platforms, enchanting, inspiring and informing a global population".








Critically Acclaimed Movie Producers - Ocean Explorers - Marine Scientists - Researchers - Environmentalists - Award-Winnning Filmmakers - Authors - Advocates - Educators - Speakers

Today, like never before, the ocean urgently needs our help.

Through our work in the media and alongside fellow scientists, campaigners and researchers, we create projects, media, and film productions that enthrall, entertain, inspire and impact everybody about the oceans, their creatures, and their connection to our planet and our lives.








The Power of Art, Science, and Technology to highlight life’s fragility and its promise.


Project ZOE is a Living Sea Sculpture that streams live, worldwide, through a virtual aquarium. Low voltage electricity precipitates minerals to fortify the sculpture to become an evolving, life supporting habitat for corals and biodiversity in a region devastated by hurricanes, pollution, tourism, and climate change.

2 years after creation, the sculpture is covered in limestone minerals fortifying the life-supporting habitat for endangered corals and marine biodiversity. Small crabs, sponges, sea stars, rays, squid and myriad fish already swim by.


“Liquid Motion are Experts of far-reaching creativity and true masters at their craft - great listeners, brainstormers and true collaborators to help clarify a vision. Willing to experiment, meet precise Filmmaking skills, incredibly responsible and kind, and achieve better results than I could have ever expected."








Transforming knowledge into positive, thought-provoking, entertainment

We are exclusively dedicated to:

Studying, documenting and furthering understanding about the oceans and their inhabitants.

Combining science, emotion and art, to create novel, award-winning films that reach people on an intellectual and emotional level.

Through the imaginitive use of world-class media, touching, inspiring, reaching hearts, and empowering people to engage and generate solutions for a healthier, sustainable future.

Playing a niche role in restoring health and productivity to the ocean by inspiring people to care, engage and act








Film Festivals, Events, Shows, Cinemas, Educational Institutes, Global Television - these are just a few places where Liquid Motion's multi award-winning films can be seen


liquid motion ocean foundation - award-winning underwater films









Making Headlines - Engaging - Impacting


liquid motion ocean foundation - press

liquid motion ocean foundation press

liquid motion ocean foundation - award-winning underwater films - press

Liquid Motion Award-Winning Underwater Film Producer Director Guy Chaumette Anita Chaumette - Professional Underwater Film Services, #underwaterfilmservices #underwaterfilmmaking #underwaterfilmcourses #underwaterproductionservices #underwatercameraman #anitachaumette #guychaumette, award-winning underwater cinematographer BIO LIQUID MOTION OCEN FOUNDATION DIVE MAGAZINE PRESS

Enigmatic, mystical, spellbinding adventure - a powerful, dazzling revelation of marine animals, as they really are"
(Editor, The Bonaire Reporter)

"Guy and Anita have pushed beyond all boundaries of interactive wildlife film-making. Their instinctive empathy for marine life is evident in the incredible wildlife footage they've managed to obtain. Their films are true classics of underwater film-making..." (Nick Hanna, Journalist, UK)

"Honestly, some of the most interesting and fascinating films I've ever seen (and I watch A LOT)"
(Andrew Raine, Editor, The Bermuda Sun Newspaper )












Our mission is to:

Entertain, Educate, Engage, Inspire and Impact
the world about the oceans, their creatures, and theircritical connection to all life on our planet.

Accelerate our work - create more - tell stories faster,
to extend our unique niche impact,
to increase our support for others (ocean charities, foundations, movements, conservationists, environmentalists, scientists, oceanographers, researchers and individuals) with world-class media,
that amplifies, advances and furthers our collaborative goals.


"Just like the first underwater films from Hans Hass and Cousteau,
Liquid Motion's films really are a milestone, and their footage is like the first pictures from Mars! Anita & Guy really are underwater critter whisperers"

(O. Steffan Bayer, Scientist/Researcher/PhD)







Long ago, before Scientists authored the first papers on tactile stimulation and symbioses between different species, Liquid Motion spent months observing and documenting 'the power of touch', and asking the questions 'do fish have feelings, and emotions? Can they communicate?

The results provoked the world, and. Liquid Motion went on to create the legendary, multi-award winning feature for TV broadcast "Talking With Fishes", hailed as one of the most revolutionary underwater movies of that time.

This extract from 2002 reveals just one creature of many.


"Opening sleepy eyes, helping Scientists and Researchers to unfold marine life's secrets, Liquid Motion opens new horizons for science as well as underwater film making. This is a truly fascinating new chapter of science that will enrich everybody's perception of life"...
(International Wildlife Film Festival, Finland)


'GOLD AWARD' for Marine Science - Houston, USA,
'BEST UNDERWATER CINEMATOGRAPHY' - International Wildlife Film Festival IWFF Montana, USA,
'BEST FILM' - The Netherlands, Finland, USA, France







2006 - "PIONEERS"


In 2006, Liquid Motion teamed up with Dr. Charles Mazel to test a prototype underwater light.

The team spent months diving at night, researching, studying and documenting fluorescence, its occurences, uses and relation to marine animal behaviour. The result - the first ever film about underwater fluorescence and its use by marine animals in communication.

'Beyond the Blue' is a landmark short which generated prestigious awards, acclaim and press all over the world. Its success led to further research and documentation of marine fluorescence with Dr. Mazel, Prof. Mikhail Matz & Prof. Roy Caldwell PhD.

Subsequent feature films, the groundbreaking National Geographic exclusives 'Invisible Waves' and 'A Touch of Fluorescence', became some of the highest awarded underwater films of all time.


"The odds of you going in the water and finding something, seeing some animal fluorescing, that no-one else in the history of the universe has ever seen is probably over ninety percent! Anywhere in the world. Simply because so few people have done this"... (Dr. Charles Mazel PhD 2006)


'BEST FILM' AWARD - Italy, Russia, UK, South Africa, USA, France, Belgrade, Estonia, Korea, Spain, Germany, Japan








In 2009, Liquid Motion teamed up with Prof. Justin Marshall & Prof. Shaun Collin from UQ Australia/Heron Island Marine Research Station to investigate marine animal communication and the animals use of colour for 'talking to each other'.

The first discovery was that fish see a very different world to what we humans see - and a very different world to what each other sees.

To understand a world not meant for human eyes, we must first see that world 'through the fishes eyes'.

A 4-year odyssey and epic exploration of marine animals vision, colours, UV, polarization, colour change and underwater communication led to the revolutionary National Geographic exclusive 'Water Colours' Series, winner of over 100 major international awards and a series that "forever changed the way that we see fish".

Here are 2 short extracts 'Fisheye Fantasea' and 'A Colourful Language'


"Water Colours is a timely and unique portrayal of the fascinating and virtually unknown world of underwater colour communication, a pioneering breakthrough in science, and a landmark step towards improving our understanding in this field”…
(National Geographic Television 2009)


"W-O-W... Impressive cinematography, with a unique, totally captivating approach to storytelling..."
(International Wildlife Film Festival IWFF Montana, USA)


"Some of the most beautiful and unusual work we’ve ever seen…"
(Gail Krueger, NOAA)


'GRAND PRIX' Award Winner - Russia, Monaco, France, Germany, Spain,
'BEST FILM' Award Winner - Belgrade, UK, Montana USA, Germany,
'GOLD AWARD' Winner - (3x) Houston USA, Chicago, Spain, California, S. Africa, Japan, Slovakia, Korea, Italy, France







We believe that through spellbinding entertainment and mesmerising films, we can inform and educate. We believe that only an informed and educated public can make the decisions necessary to protect and manage the world’s natural resources.

the diver movie by liquid motion


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