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Liquid Motion Foundation

Explore - Inspire - Protect

Through world-class media, The Liquid Motion Foundation inspires millions about the oceans, the coral reefs and all the creatures, critters, plants and animals that call them home.

Through pioneering cinematography, art and film, The Foundation and its partners immerse the world in nature, excite children, share passion, win hearts, and foster a global love of the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Foundation is the voice of the ocean and of marine research. It works to develop strategies, and create opportunities for unique, pioneering, landmark films, that inspire, educate, and ultimately protect the oceans, coral reefs and their creatures.

We contribute to scientific missions & marine exploration, share the landmark discoveries of world class Scientists and expand the impact of marine research globally, by making results understandable, entertaining, inspiring and thus, accessible, for legislators, policy makers and public of all ages.

Strengthening the Foundations impact, we will gather and unite, through alliances with corporations and individuals, to ensure that intelligence, science and vital policy options influence the powerful people who can act.

We will continue the Foundations critical work of helping the oceans, saving marine creatures and their habitats and enabling people to co-exist peacefully, harmoniously, with nature, for generations to come.

And ultimately, we will improve lives and increase economic impact worldwide, through education about the value of the ocean, the coral reefs and the countries they surround.



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