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PHIL SOUTHERLANDSteve Miller Liquid Motion Foundation

Phil Southerland is the CEO and co-founder of Team Novo Nordisk and Founder and President of Team Type 1 Foundation.
Team Novo Nordisk is a global sports organization home to more than 100 endurance athletes with diabetes, spearheaded by the worlds’ first all-diabetes professional cycling team.
A tireless global ambassador for diabetes, Phil is committed to the education and empowerment of people with diabetes throughout the world. The groundbreaking organization is now a global enterprise comprised of seven competitive squads of athletes, including the 21-member professional men's team racing, which is supported by one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi.
Phil spearheaded Team Type 1’s 2010 alliance with the International Diabetes Federation to bring donated supplies to children with Type 1 diabetes in Rwanda, a first step in his ultimate quest to develop a sustainable scalable platform to ensure all children with diabetes have access to tools they need to manage and control their disease. As a result of his work with governments around the world and experience influencing policy to provide the necessary services and supplies for children with diabetes, Southerland was recently appointed the Director of Health Care Policy, Planning and Patient Advocacy for the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center, International Diabetes Center and Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, MN. He is author of a successful book, entitled Not Dead Yet -

PROF JUSTIN MARSHALLProf Justin Marshall Liquid Motion Foundation

ARC Laureate Fellow
Professorial Research Fellow
Sensory Neurobiology Group
Marshall lab Website:
CoralWatch website:

Doctor of Philosophy, with a background in Neurobiology, Zoology, Marine Biology and Art, Prof. Justin Marshall is the worlds leading Marine Research Scientist in Visual Ecology: colour vision, visual behaviour, colour change, colour signals and more. With Research Grants, Professorial Fellowships and Awards from ARC, L’Oreal, NOAA and The ROYAL SOCIETY, Professor Marshall has written numerous Scientific publications, Articles for SCIENCE, NATURE, features for National Geographic, Co-Authored the revolutionary book ‘Sensory Processing in the Aquatic Environment’, been Advisor to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC and advisory Scientist for the BBCs DEEP Expedition in the BLUE PLANET Series.
Justin contributes amazing science, research accuracy, beautiful photography and provides us with the greatest artistic inspiration.

Steve Miller Liquid Motion Foundation

Steve has been shooting underwater since 1976, and teaching underwater photography since 1980. His images have been used by various media over the years. He works with Ikelite on the Ikelite Photo School, teaching photography to divers around the world.

In synergy with the Foundation, he focuses all underwater photography instruction around a simulttaneous care and respect for the subject - coral reef, critters, large animals or ocean plants. His clients are known to follow him around the world, his image galleries speak for themselves and the Foundation is honoured to have him onboard, sharing his art and inspiring people to make a difference.


Steve Miller Liquid Motion Foundation


Cinematographers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Fish Behaviourists, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, Fluo-Diving Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Inspiration behind numerous leading businesses and world-class resorts, the world renowned Filmmaker couple Anita & Guy are better known under their professional name of Liquid Motion.

With numerous international media awards, most recently for their National Geographic exclusive feature films 'City Under the Sea' and 'Water Colours', their underwater films have been hailed as some of the best in the world. Their work encompasses blue chip photography and film, cinematography, and art.

After juggling a multi-faceted film career with managing the worlds most prestigious resorts for 20 years, in 2013, Anita & Guy decided to relocate to the island of Cozumel to be nearer their clients and concentrate on their lifetime passion full time.

Steve Miller Liquid Motion Foundation


Anita lived barefoot on tiny desert islands for over 20 years, documenting and studying the marine animals every day. Together with Guy, she works with some of the worlds leading Scientists and Oceanographers, regularly sharing field observations in return for literature and study results, and communicates with Governments & NGOs to implement environmental management strategies from Fiji to Bermuda.

As Liquid Motion Film, Anita & Guy produced the worlds’ first-ever fluorescent animal behaviour for National Geographic Television and pioneered and introduced the phenomena of ‘fluo-diving’ globally. They are globally recognized Pioneers and Leaders in the field of high-end, blue-chip underwater cinematography, having received numerous awards, publications and acclaim for their filming and production work.

They write for magazines and advertising, produce movies for cinema and TV and are regularly commissioned to make a la carte footage and content for corporate clients, NGOs, airlines, TV, advertising and cinema.









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