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We are Marine Experts, Explorers and Environmentalists. Authors, Filmmakers, Educators and Speakers. We are Guardians of the earths most precious resources, here to inspire people young and old about the oceans, their lifeforms and their treasures. To document the vital connection between a healthy ocean and life on our planet. To create a better, purer, more loving environment today and maintain nature and harmony, for marine creatures, our children, and generations to come.

Liquid Motion was born 20 years ago, when 2 souls united in a tiny room in the Maldives, with a camera, a vision, passion and a dream...

"For the next 20 years they worked together, managing small island resorts in some of the most remote paradises on earth: diving, filming, researching, making world-class movies and becoming one of the most successful husband-and-wife teams in the business. Sounds like fantasy? Meet the Chaumettes...’

(DIVE UK, June 2013). 20 years ago, we were inspired. Today, our vision remaines.

Today, our most loved and respected wildlife programs educate and entertain around the globe. Our exploration work with Scientists bring greater understanding. Our films enable the world to experience new aspects of the marine environment, and build awareness amongst legislators, policy makers and the public. Our dream is to continue to inspire, creating harmony, freedom, and a sustainable future for the children of tomorrow.

We have the experience, the passion, and the brightest minds, to create the greatest impact. The dream is alive. Now we want to significantly increase our ability to produce world-class films and media, to expand all boundaries and make a difference. We want to grow, unite, and partner, with those inspired to be part of this, who want to leave a legacy, and contribute to the world.

We love what we know about. We protect what we love. join us, in loving the oceans, sharing their stories and preserving the marine environment for generations to come.

...."Opening the worlds sleepy eyes", helping scientists and researchers unfold marine life's secrets, Liquid Motion opens new horizons for underwater film making. What a fascinating new chapter of science that will inspire and enrich peoples lives"...
- International Wildlife Film Festival, Finland

..."Enigmatic, mystical, spellbinding adventure - your films are a unique, powerful revelation of marine animals, as they really are" - The Bonaire Reporter

..."Your films are fabulous, I can’t believe how unique and unusual they are!. I get complacent looking at underwater footage after so many years, but these are amazing.….exactly the kind of films the general public will love..."
- ScubaPro Uwatec Ltd

..."The ‘Cousteau’s’ of the 21st Century…”
- ‘Les Nouvelles De Versailles’ Newspaper, PARIS

..."Passionate & poetically compelling films… striking photography, from a different perspective..."
- International Wildlife Film Festival Montana, USA

.."Your films were so well received, we would like to plan a second screening at The Bermuda City Hall Theater, with an even larger 'select' audience and a panel with Liquid Motion Film and key Research Scientists to field questions..."
- The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

...Liquid Motion provides a timely and unique portrayal of the fascinating and virtually unknown world of underwater colour communication. This is a pioneering breakthrough in underwater communication and a landmark step towards improving our understanding”…
- National Geographic Television International

..."The Bermuda Biological Station for Research was especially privileged to have Liquid Motion Film give a special Seminar on Scientific Photography & Film; it was an excellent example of how image and video can be used to educate"
- Dr. James Wood, Research Scientist, Bermuda

..."Concept films that are completely different from usual….. Uniquely lovely footage and you clearly have a huge experience of the environment and animals…
- Doug Allen, BBC/Blue Planet
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