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Born from the success of 30 years internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Underwater Media, The Liquid Motion Ocean Foundation is exclusively dedicated to entertaining, inspiring, impacting and engaging the world about the ocean, its secrets and its critical impact on our planet and our lives.




Working collaboratively with the worlds leading Marine Scientists, Ocean Researchers, TV Broadcasters, Film Festivals, Press, Educational Institutes and Global Television, The Foundation has a long-term, proven record of inspiring audiences globally, and plays a significant role in amplifying crucial ocean messages, engaging key audiences, mobilizing powerful voices, driving ocean conservation action and escalating positive change.




Hailed as ‘one of the most unique, creative influences in underwater filmmaking today’, Liquid Motion's work has garnered over 100 international awards and received numerous prestigious honours and accolades for its contribution to television, science and on behalf of the sea.










The Foundation is an international charity, founded many years ago, and funded entirely by The Liquid Motion Group until 2018.

Now, more than ever before, the ocean urgently needs our help.

Our mission is to supercharge the foundations impact, by increasing production of thought-provoking and inspirational world-class films, which advance knowledge, illuminate key issues and solutions, support like-minded organisations and accelerate ocean conservation, environmental action and social change.

Through our relationships with Scientists, Educational Institutions, globally leading TV Broadcasters, NGOs, Sponsors and Partners, we create pioneering films, that share landmark discoveries and exhilarating experiences.

Through our expansive ideas, unparalleled creativity, curiosity and commitment, we Entertain, Inspire, Impact and Protect.












The Ocean Foundation was born naturally from Liquid Motion®, a group of internationally acclaimed, award-winning Underwater Media Companies, and the worlds foremost Producers of Underwater Film, Cinematography, Photography and Art.

Throughout the company's 30 year history, it has been instrumental in marine conservation and environmental education and has contributed to numerous marine protection policies and win-win situations all over the world.

The Group has produced landmark footage and films for private clients, global corporations and television, and has thousands of hours of underwater footage, numerous feature films, documentaries and commercials to its credit.

Guy and Anita Chaumette are the renowned, award-winning Pioneers behind Liquid Motion. With the highest honours in Cinematography, Photography, Directing, Marine Science and Art, they have been communicating to nations and generations through image for decades.

To fund long-term production of world-class underwater media-media and films that mobilize impactful voices and further the goal of conserving and protecting the ocean, the entrepreneurial couple runs a private Underwater Photo & Film Academy from their Cozumel Island base, teaching 'non-destructive' Pro Underwater Photography, Cinematography and Art to clients all over the globe, creates critically acclaimed 'Ocean-Art' and continually expands 'The Ocean Collection', a unique, ocean-inspired clothing line.

Learn more about the Foundations story and our Founders, Anita and Guy










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Our Scientists & Researchers constantly extend all boundaries of knowledge about the Oceans, their inhabitants, and their critical importance to earths survival.

We collaborate directly with the worlds most inspired Scientific minds, to assimilate, understand, and share vital research and key results.


Our Strategists research and identify new science and landmark discoveries, that will revolutionize our knowledge about the ocean and its impacts on our planet and our lives. 

We strategically target timely issues and pursue creative solutions and opportunities to communicate crucial ocean messages that will make a difference.

Our Storytellers transform landmark science into spellbinding stories, that will reach, entertain and touch the hearts of a global audience, as well as provide a vital source of knowledge about ocean science, exploration and research.

Our Stories reach conservationalists, business leaders and the public, and inspire key people throughout the world to unite.


Our Filmmakers create far-reaching, mesmerising movies that play a significant role in communicating crucial ocean messages at the moments that matter most.

Movies that inspire, enchant and mobilise communities, and positively impact influential individuals all over the globe, that ultimately drive and escalate positive change.

"I found the film crew very charismatic, energetic and keen, really great to work with, in a 'Jacques Cousteau kind of way.' Their work is fascinating and the issues they're addressing are relevant across the world..."
(Dr Ross Jones, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science)

"I now understand why film festivals keep throwing prizes at you! You managed to coach we Scientists so well, that we actually sound interesting and intelligible! - you are very talented Directors! I love your films! You create fascinating projects and products that inspire and impact people all over the globe"...
(Dr. Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Center for Marine Microbial Ecology & Diversity, Hawaii)

"Really superb films with fascinating scientific underpinnings, beautiful music, and a compelling narration - How brilliant I found them to be. Not only was the cinematography striking, but the concepts are revolutionary…
(Mark Madison, Ph.D. American Conservation Film Festival/ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

"Opening sleepy eyes, helping scientists and researchers unfold marine life secrets, Liquid Motion continues to open new horizons for underwater filmmaking, with fascinating new chapters of science that inspire and enrich everybody's lives"..
(International Wildlife Film Festival, IWFF Finland)












All of The Liquid Motion Ocean Foundation’s projects are result oriented and results measurable. What has been achieved so far?



Movie Producers - Marine Experts - Researchers - Explorers - Environmentalists - Educators - Award-Winning Filmmakers - Photographers - Artists - Leaders - Authors - Advocates - Speakers

Liquid Motion uses thought-provoking, transformational media, pioneering movies, groundbreaking cinematography, spellbinding stories, and captivating photography, film and art to reach millions with information about the oceans, coral reefs and the creatures, plants and animals that call them home.



The Voice of the Ocean and of Marine Research

A team of award-winning Underwater Filmmakers, Marine Biologists, Scientists, Oceanographers, Researchers and Writers work collaboratively to develop key strategies, and create opportunities for incomparably unique, landmark films, that immerse the world in nature, excite children, share passion, win hearts, and foster a global love of the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Foundation contributes to scientific missions & marine exploration, shares landmark discoveries and world class science, and expands the impact of marine research globally by making results understandable, entertaining, inspiring and thus, accessible, for legislators, policy makers and public of all ages and origins.

It produces highest-quality natural history works, to present brand new marine science in a stimulating, thought-provoking manner, that engages audiences and motivates people to learn, love and help protect the oceans, coral reefs and their creatures.



Best known, most esteemed name in Underwater Media Production


Liquid Motion has garnered over 100 prestigious awards and generated global media and press coverage for their strategically targeted, transformational underwater films, revolutionary series, landmark programmes and short 'teasers; that inspire and entertain people all over the world on the worlds most prestigious televsion channels, at leading international Film Festivals, in educational institutes, and on global multi-media platforms.


.."Liquid Motions timely and unique portrayal of the fascinating and virtually unknown world of underwater colour communication is a pioneering breakthrough in underwater communication, and a landmark step towards improving all our understanding in this field”…
(National Geographic Television)


All funds generated from Liquid Motion's Art have gone directly back into the research, exploration, creation and production of ever better, further-reaching, world-class underwater cinematography, art and films.


.."Truly some of the most beautiful and unusual work we’ve ever seen…"
- Gail Krueger, NOAA




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